Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment
True Affordable Housing:
This program allows low to moderate income families to apply for a Home Loan.  We have homes that we can in-house finance or you may use one of
our Per-approved Lending companies.  Taught by a certified housing counselor and with guest speakers from our local partners, the First Time
Home buyer Education workshop is an 8 hour course to assess participants’ readiness to buy a home, assist with money management and credit
issues, give an understanding of options for financing a home, selecting a home and most importantly, provide the critical knowledge for maintaining
a new home. Course also includes detailed education of requirements for local down-payment assistance programs. Participants gain a thorough
knowledge of the home buying process while at the same time finding local resources to help them achieve their goal.  
 Texas, Louisiana, Ohio

Loans: USDA, FHA, VA, Conventional
You must attend one of our Home Buying Workshops before purchasing a home from our organizations.  Please visit our website for more
Realty Down Payment Assistances:

This program allows clients that are ready to purchase a home to use our down payment assistance program.  We give down  payment or closing
assistance up to $5000.00

This program also assist with a Grant for anyone using Reverse Mortgage and need funding at closing.  Client must be approved by a HUD
Approved Lender before we will assist with Down Payment.  Other Rules may apply.  

Please visit our website for more information.  This program is located in 3 States:
Texas Louisiana and Ohio.  
Realty Down Payment
Home Sweet Home Disaster
Home Sweet Home Disaster Recovery:

This program allow clients who have been hit by a Natural Disaster to receive assistance with Grants or Loans to Rehab/Rebuild and Unmet
Needs  We offer many different programs with also offer  Case Management.   

We currently are offering Rehab and Rebuild from Hurricane IKE and Harvey.  This program is available in
Texas and Louisiana.  
Southside Country Club & Youth Center:

This is a Center that is soon to be build in the  SE Texas Region and Northwest Louisiana Region.  This Center will allow Youths and Adults to
play sports and exercise healthy.  These facilities will be place on at least 35 Acres and will be open to the public for use.  To donate to these
projects please contact our office.  You may click on the picture for a view our plans.
Back to School Events:
This program allow us to help low to moderate income students with School Supplies and Clothing.  This program was form in 2005 with the
support from Office Depot Back/Snack Pack Program.  The continue today to support our program.  We also give backpacks full of school
supplies to students in the areas we serve.  

We serve:
Texas Louisiana and Ohio
"Rebuilding our community one day at a time, to assist low to moderate income
families with True Affordable Housing in the communities we serve".
HSHCRC HOMES Community & Economic Development Projects:

This service is to allow us to rebuild and build communities in the areas we serve.  We build affordable Housing Communities, Scared Sites
Properties building and Economic Development projects.  To be a contractor on one of our projects please visit the website and fill out the
Louisiana Home Buying Program:

Home-buyer Counseling is just like it sounds. They work one-on-one with you to help you prepare to buy a home.  They typically work for the same organizations who
provide home-buyer education classes. These home-buyer counselors help you identify any challenges or areas you need to address Our goal is to help you get prepared
and approved for a home loan. Home-buyer counselors will help you craft a personal action plan to become "mortgage ready".  Just like a good coach, they help you
prepare for the game of buying a home of your own. They are your personal guide to help and encourage you along the way to your first home. This program is an 8 hour

9001 Airport Blvd Suite 703
Houston Texas 77061
Phone: 346-320-2739

Jefferson County
3449 32nd Street
Port Arthur Texas 77640
Serve the Northwest La Region
194 Sheppard St
Minden, La 71055
North Office:

Dayton Office:
1 Elizabeth Place, Suite 1195,
Dayton, Ohio 45417
Partners &
Terms, including:

No down-payment unless required by the lender or the purchase price is more than the reasonable value of the property.
No private mortgage insurance premium requirement.
VA rules limit the amount you can be charged for closing costs.
Closing costs may be paid by the seller.
The lender can't charge you a penalty fee if you pay the loan off early.
VA may be able to provide you some assistance if you run into difficulty making payments.
Car Replace or Repair Program:

This program is to assist anyone whom car was flooded during a Natural Disaster.  We will either Assist you with full replacement of a car or repair your car.  For more
details please visit our website. To purchase a New Car we will grant up to $2000 per household.
Family Fun Day Out Program:

This program was put together to help bring families back together.  We are given Professional Game tickets from local Professional Teams and we give them to our
families with children to allow them to spend a day or night together.  Many of our families can't not afford to take the entire to a professional game.  The Tickets that
are donated to our organization allows us to have a fun day out.  
We would like to thank our sponsors of this program:
Houston Astros, Houston Texans, Houston Aeros,  New Orleans Pelicans, Cleveland Browns and Houston Rockets
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Realty One Lending:

This is a CDE/CDFI of Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment Corporation.  This Corporation allows us to lend to Small Business, Housing, and Economic
Development in the States we serve. We also give up $2000 lines of credit to assist with small personal need loans.  We are currently located in Texas, Louisiana and
Ohio.   For more information please email us at

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*Home Rebuild
*Unmet Needs
* Home buying
* Small Busines