Home & Land Donations
Donating Homes or Rental Property

We understand that landlords often have special needs from
knowing that their tenants will be treated fairly to getting rid of
problem properties that are being fined by the city.

Rest assured that we can quickly make a decision on whether
we can take your property.  Our expertise encompasses large
multi-family projects to border-line tear-down properties.

We know the headache residential rentals can bring and our
fast service is probably the fastest solution to getting rid of
your property while gaining a tax deduction.

Existing tenants are often left in place as long as they are not a
nuisance to the neighbors and are willing to show good-faith
efforts to pay rent.

Our goal is to get you the maximum tax deduction while
helping impoverished people.
Donating Land

From building lots to large parcels of ranch land, we can
help you to rid yourself of property in exchange for a
tax deduction.  

We have assisted people from California to New York
with donation needs and can quickly assess the benefit
to you of making a donation.

Our donors especially appreciate our ability to make a
decision quickly.

From the first steps through the tax-write off, you will
have a partner every step of the way.