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About Us
About Our Organization

Our organization currently has 450 clients that need that are low to
moderate income, that needed home repairs or rebuild from
Hurricane IKE.  We are currently seeking funding to assist these
clients.  We are asking for volunteers from other groups to assist
us with this project.  Our organization receives donated materials
from five Home Depot stores in the Houston Harris County area.  
The total donation as of today is $230,000 in material that we
currently have or will be using on our clients homes.  This keeps
the cost of material down when we are rehab bing or rebuilding a

2003 - 2007, Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment has
assisted 15 senior citizens and low to moderate income
homeowners with home repairs and over 20 families to purchase
their first home program.

Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment was one of the
first organizations in 2003 to start assisting low to moderate
individuals with home repairs.  This program was put into place for
Seniors Citizens who felt as if they were not being treated fairly by
outside contractors.   
Board Members
Cecilia Nowlin
Takisha Williams
Richard Hamilton
Temp. Secretary
Veterans &
Community Director
Robert McNeil Jr.
New Construction
Jonathan Carrington
Construction Director
We currently have two open
board positions.  Please email us
your resume for an interview.  
Office: 346-320-2739
Email: homesweethomecrc@gmail.com