Texas Home buying & Rental  Programs
Properties for Sale/Lease
In the Texas Region we have many programs available for all of our
New home owners and Renters that would like to become

You must attend a workshop to enter the Rental Program.   

To enter the Home buying program you must attend our Home buying

To enter the Disaster Recovery Rebuild please attend a workshop.  
New Home to be built 2017
7315 Dunkirk Houston Texas
3/2/2 1302 sq ft
6521 Kassarine Pass
To be built in 2017 3/4/5 2.5
2 Garage.  Price TBA
Property Locations:
Fort Bend County
Harris County
Jefferson County
Polk County
Brazoria County
Galveston County
Orange County
Montgomery County
Waller County
New Duplex
Community Coming
Soon 2018
If you are applying for our Rental Program.  You must attend one of our meeting or workshops.  
Tuesday: 3601 Blodgett Houston Texas 77004 4 to 7pm
Monday: 9001 Airport Blvd Suite 703 Houston Texas 77061 8-4pm
True Affordable Housing Program allows us to purchase or receive donated
Properties to Rent or Sale to low to moderate income families.  
Families/Individuals have up to 3 years to rent and get there Credit and budget
for their New home.  The home that you are renting will be the home you are
purchasing unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.  

If you do not follow the rules of the program you may evicted at any time and you
will not receive be refunded.  You will also not be allowed to re-enter our program
once you leave the program.  
You are required to attend a workshop in your area.  Click on the County for the
next workshop.