Southside County Club & Youth Center
Keeping our kids healthy, fit and educated is our job.  
Our program allow us to help kids that want to play sports join a team.  We believe in
outdoor sports.  All of our Staff and Board members are part of a Local Youth Sports

We will pay the Registration Fee for our kids.  Fees may not exceed $150.00 All
Registration forms are due by April of each year.  

Youths are located in the following areas may apply also: New Orleans, San Antonio,
Dallas, Lake Charles, Rapides Parish and all of Dayton & Cleveland Ohio Counties.  
These areas are part of our Low to moderate income areas.  

Our Family Day out program in Texas and Louisiana is a hit in both States.  This program
allows low to moderate income families and individuals see a professional sports game
with their children.  This program has been in place since 2003.  

If you would like for one of our staff or board member to volunteer on your team please
send us a email to  You team must be located in the
following areas:

    Texas                                                        Louisiana                                 Ohio

Office Corporate:


Harris County                                               DeSoto Parish                        Dayton County
Missouri City County                                   Webster Parish                     Cleveland County
Conroe County                                             Coushatta Parish
Beaumont, County                                       Rapides Parish
Port Arthur County                                       Red River Parish
Galveston County                                          Calcasieu Parish
Brazoria County     
Polk County

3449 32nd Street                                                     
Port Arthur Texas 77640                                     

Please help us by donating tickets to the Louisiana Youth Program.  We are looking for
more support for our Youth in the areas we serve and sponsor.  

Visit our website at:
We would like to thank the
following Sports Team  and
Players for their Support.
Meet our Executive Director
Demetria Reed-McNeal
Birthday Party & Volunteer
Jersey Party
194 Sheppard St
Minden, La 71055
9001 Airport Blvd #703
Houston Texas 77061
1 Elizabeth Place,
Suite 1195
Dayton, Ohio 45417
1746 Boult
Lake Charles La

415 Roach Street
Mansfield La