Sponsors and Supporters
Our Mission:

"Rebuilding our community one day at a time by providing True Affordable Housing and
Disaster Recovery Assistance to low to moderate income individuals and families"

Affordable Housing     Disaster Recovery     Economic Development   Financial Education    
Food Pantry                Back to School Supplies

Our Vision:

Home Sweet Home CRC-CDE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization by the U.S.Internal Revenue
Service since August 23, 2003.  We are located in
Texas, Louisiana and Ohio.  We assist
these States by devoting effective programs by improving access to Credit for historically
under-served, low and moderate-income communities of color, through qualified programs
identify and support the engines of Affordable rental housing, home-ownership,
small business workshops, financial literacy, and economic development in order to
build the framework for solid foundations aimed at sustainable communities.

Our Goal:

Is to provide safe, secure and sanitary housing in the communities where we serve.  
Providing consumer education and budgeting counseling to improve their financial literacy
and assist them in the management of their personal finances.

We are committed to providing credit counseling through educational programs and
materials, personal budgeting, and debt management plans to financially distressed
consumers, while maintaining fiscal integrity and utilizing the highest quality standards in the

*To serve the greater good and provide leadership in creating engaged communities through
generosity and philanthropy.

*To make an impact in the Housing Counseling and Community Development areas by
participating in social reform and social justices initiatives.  

* To inspire resilient credit consumers.

* To empower and educate home buying and home owning consumers.