Housing Program
What is the moderate rehabilitation

The moderate rehabilitation program provides
project-based rental assistance for low income
families. The program was repealed in 1991
and no new projects are authorized for
development. Assistance is limited to
properties previously rehabilitated pursuant to
a housing assistance payments (HAP) contract
between an owner and a Public Housing
Agency (PHA).
What is the history of the moderate
rehabilitation program?

The moderate rehabilitation (Mod Rehab) program
was designed in 1978 to be an expansion of the
rental certificate program. The rental certificate
program was initially amended to permit moderate
levels of rehabilitation to upgrade and preserve the
nation's housing stock.

Although the rental certificate program stimulated
maintenance of the housing stock (with investment
by owners averaging $1500 in repairs to meet the
program housing quality standards), it was estimated
that at least 2.7 million rental units had deficiencies
requiring a moderate level of upgrading;
approximately 85% of these units were in buildings
of fewer than 20 units.
How do you qualify for our Rehab or
Rebuild Program?

You must have your own financing or
Insurance company contact us for
services.  This program is for Senior
Citizens or people with disability.  If we
have to in-house finance you must quality
for a rehab.  We will not rehab a home
unless the home has less than $20,000 in

If you are using FEMS funding you must
have an approved letter from FEMS with
funding amount listed.  We will contact
FEMS for all other updates.  
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