Car Replacement Program
Follow our Vehicle Flood Damage Checklist

1. Survey any potential damage: First, note the depth of the floodwaters, how they relate to
your car. Do not, however, try to start your car - this will cause even more damage water has
gotten in the engine.

2.  Act quickly, but safely: Salt water - which is more damaging than fresh water - can make
the chances of corrosion much higher. With this in mind, start drying out your vehicle as soon
as possible, and contact a towing service to get it to higher ground.

3.  Check under the hood: Check your vehicle's oil dipstick, remove all water-damaged
cylinders, and change both the vehicle's oil and transmission fluid.

4.  Clean the vehicle's interior: Use a wet/dry vacuum to collect standing water, and cloth
towels to absorb any water that has soaked into the car's interior. Also be sure to check any
electrical components, but be sure to do so safely.

5.  Check the car's fuel tank and line: Use a store-bought siphon pump to remove fuel from
your vehicle's fuel tank. If you do find any water, you'll want to empty the tank completely.

6.  Call your insurance company: Flood damage is generally covered by comprehensive
insurance, so even if you don't have collision coverage, you may be covered for repairs or

7.  Visit Dealership/Auto Center to Learn More About Flood Damage Services.  Has your
vehicle recently been in a flood? If so, we invite you to reach out to the team for assistance
with replacement or repair services.  

Please fill out the application and send in the other information required and we will begin the
process of assistance with Replacing or Repairing your Vehicle.  
Donate of Vehicles Program outline:

Realty Car Replacement Program wants you to donate auto to their program and we will assist you with
replacing that Vehicle with a new Vehicle.

Across Southeast Texas Region many of our families loss their transpiration due the recent Flooding.  
We have families that are  in need of a safe, reliable form of transportation. Due to unexpected
circumstances, some families are unable to afford a car of their own. Many of them have fallen into
poverty, specifically, due to a lack of transportation to and from work. Parents are unable to get to the
grocery store to provide food for their children and many of them go without medical attention because
they cannot get to a doctor.

Realty Car Replacement gives eligible families that loss a Vehicle during Hurricane Harvey a free vehicle
or we assist them with replacing that Vehicle with a new Vehicle.  We give a grant to assist with purchase
or repairing their current Vehicle.  A Sample Payment Options:

up to $10,000 New Car

The car must be a 2015 and up.  The cost of the Vehicle must be cost more than $15,000 with a max of
$24,000.  Clients that have received funding from their Insurance Company or FEMA must use that
funding as a down payment before we will issue any funding from our program.  

Up to $5000 Used Car
You must have the same requirement and the car may not be older than 2013.

Up to $2500 Repairs
You will need a mechanic bill before applying for this program.  

Client must also fill out an application and be approved before bring any paperwork from a Dealership to
our office for approval.  

The dealership must agree to our Terms and conditions or we will not send any funding to that
dealership.  You may not purchase a Vehicle from an Individual or family members.  We will only write
checks to Dealership/Financial Institutions.  (In-house 2nd financing through a dealership is welcome).

In order to receive a full paid Vehicle you would have to qualify by income.  Many of our low to moderate,
Senior Citizens, Individuals with Disabilities, Veterans and College students may qualify for this program.  
See a Case Manager for more details.  There will be a 3 year lien on any Vehicle that Realty Car
Replacement (Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment Corporation) purchase.

If you are trading-in your Vehicle please view the
Kelly Book Value before coming to the office.  We will
use this guide book to Value all cars.  

When you donate auto or
real estate property to Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment
Corporation, you can be sure that you are helping a family in need get back on the road to independence.

Donation of a vehicle to a family in need, we are making a huge impact on their outlook on life. Before
receiving a charity car, many families depend on family and friends to get them to the places they need to
go. Having an unreliable source of transportation often lands these families in situations they can not
overcome. When we give them a vehicle of their own, their hope and self esteem is revived. We give
families the power to succeed. Our program is the first of its kind in the nation>, and we have impacted
thousands of lives throughout the United States.

Donated cars, trucks, vans, trailer and boats can help a family in need. Your used vehicle may go to help
victims and families who have suffered domestic violence, natural disaster, medical emergencies, and
other hardships. Realty Car Replacement Program also gives Assistance to military families and other
non-profit organizations who are in need. Even if we sell your vehicle you help to support our mission.

Your donation to Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment Corporation is tax deductible. Those
who donate should contact their tax preparer about what options are available. This means that you too
can benefit when you donate auto to the Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment Corporation
Who is Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment
Corporation or (Realty Car Replacement & Repair)?

Our organization is a non-profit organization founded in 2003. Our
mission: "Rebuilding our community one day at a time, to assist
low to moderate with assistance of True Affordable Housing".  
You maybe asking yourself how does this mission have anything
to do with this program?  Our Mission Rebuilding our community
is directly connect to this program.  We can't rebuild our
community if homeowners do not have means of getting to work,
home, school and etc.  This program will allow them to get their
lives back on track to save their home and keep our community
from going into another disaster.  
Please read this
document first before