Foreclosure Prevention helps homeowners who are having difficulty paying their
mortgage or anticipate they will have difficulty in the near future.  The Foreclosure
Prevention counselor will help clients navigate the process to work with their lenders and
make informed decisions regarding their homes.  A counseling will include a review of
rights and guidance on how to work with lenders to repay past-due balances.
Home Sweet Home CRC Center can help you on your journey to homeowner ship from the
basics of managing your finances, building credit, renting to own a property and saving to
navigate the actual home purchasing process and maintaining your home in long-term.  
*Pre-Purchase Class (8-hour In-person) teaches potential home owners to home buying
process including types of down-payment assistance available, how to select the right home
for your family, preparing to qualify for a loan and finding the financing the best meets their
needs.  Classes are offered in English and Spanish.  This is a HUD Certified course that
meets requirements for most government down payment assistance programs. For
customers seeking down payment assistance please note that you are required to
participate in a one -on-one counseling session with a Home Sweet Home CRC Home
ownership Counselor after completing this course.  You will sign up for the counseling
session during the 8-hour class.  They can Usually be scheduled for the following week.
Post-Purchase Training helps homeowners adjust to the new responsibilities. Seminars
cover home maintenance and repairs, property taxes, Insurance (Life, Home,, Flood,
Windstorm, and Auto), Landscaping, Saving for an emergency, Safety and more.
HOME SWEET HOME CRC'S Certified Counselors provide one-on-one coaching and
counseling to all customers seeking to improve their financial situation. Through a thoughtful
coaching process, our staff can help you pinpoint your financial goals and translate them into
actionable steps that will put you on the path to achieving them.  You could work on financial
goals like building an emergency savings account, repairing credit, managing debt, building
retirement savings and/or saving to acquire an asset like a home or higher education.

Financial Coaching is different from our Home buyer Advising/Counseling.  If you are specifically
interested in preparing to buy a home, please start  your process through one of our Home
ownership Classes outlined above.
We have homes across the Southeast region of Texas.  We are currently rehab bing these
home and rebuilding them for clients who are not ready to purchase but are ready to rent
a home get there credit and income ready to purchase one of our homes.  Many families
purchase the home they are renting but you may also purchase another home.  We are
here to help you move forward.  
Our Homeless program allow us to place homeless men, women and families in a safe, secure and sanitary place to live.  
We rent out rooms for individuals and we also place many of our families together in a home.  We are currently purchasing
a Hotel in North Houston for our Veterans and Homeless families. "Mary Lee Brantley 55 and older Center.  We currently
use the HMIS system to track all of our clients that receive services from our organization.
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