Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment-CDE.
Every year our Home Sweet Home CRC and Office Depot assist low to moderate income families with free School Supplies and
Backpacks.  Each year we assist the following areas: Southeast Houston, Northwest Louisiana and Dayton Ohio. To help us with
donation or grants please click here.  
True Affordable Housing Program allow low to moderate income families/individuals become home owners. We use the
following Fannie Mae, USDA , and HUD programs to assist clients with purchasing a home.  Many of the clients in Louisiana have
very little access to funding for down payment and to find a lender to finance their home.  

Please attend one of our meeting that are now on Zoom every other Sat.  Please visit our website for the next Workshop.

Email: homesweethomecrc@gmail.com
Are you having problems paying your Mortgage.  Allow us to help you get out of your Mortgage Crisis.  
Home Sweet Home CRC provides free foreclosure counseling services to our clients throughout the Texas.   We help clients
develop a budget, assess current loan options, identify challenges, and communicate with banks. Through partnerships with
over 25 financial institutions nationwide, we are  also able to provide loan modification assistance to qualified clients.  
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for more information

Please contact your lender first.  We may assist you if you need our help.
Our home repair program allows us to help home owers and other's who have hit by a natural disaster with Unmet needs or
housing services.  We offer rehab and rebuild services to clients of Gulf Coast.
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Our first time home buyer program help clients of Northwest Louisiana, Lafayette, New Orleans and AME Louisiana.  
We assist client with home buying workshops, Credit Counseling, Financial Literacy, Budgeting, Insurance and other home
buying services.  We offer VA, FHA, and Conventional Loans assistance.  Many of our client us 203K, and other USDA Products.  
We offer an 8-hour course that is issued through one of our partners.
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Our Economic Development projects are one of he best project we can offer our community.  We are currently working on building
some affordable homes in DeSoto Parish and Webster Parish to bring more jobs to the community we serve.  For more information

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"Rebuilding our community one day at a time, too provide True Affordable Housing
and Disaster Recovery Services to  low to moderate income communities".
We offer Small Business Workshop to our community to help small business to become more stabilize in the community they
serve.  We teach small business how to file Corporate Documents: EIN, Bylaws, Franchise Tax, Grants, Loans, SBA Loans and
other service.  Workshops are offered every month.  
All workshops are online.  You must register to attend one of our Zoom workshops.
We offer down payment assistance to any of our Renters units or anyone purchasing one of our homes.  For more information
Click Here.
Our organization is a 501c3 nonprofit publicize organization.  All donation are tax deduction. We receive donated properties
from lenders, home owners, and etc.  To donate a property please visit this website.  
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We are registered in the following States: Texas Louisiana, and Ohio
New Construction Project please click here Economic Development  and Residential Projects
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