Our Approach

Is to rebuild the home back to its Original plan.  If the home can't be
rebuild we will demolish and replace with our Signature Plan. .  

We do not offer a completely fully rebuilt home with a grant at this time.  
Once funding is available we will make note of it to offer it to all of our

Our organization is part of the Harris County Long-term Recovery
Program, Fort Bend Long-term Recovery and Beaumont Recovery
Program.  If you are located in any of these areas our assistance is
available to you.

We are limited on the Services we offer.  If you are in immediate need
please call 2-1-1 for assistance.   
Our Process

We work with in the following counties: Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, and Jefferson.
We have different repairs and rebuild depending on the area of the homes. Every home
and every resident's experiences are unique we will inspect each property.  Each
clients will receive a one-on-one Counseling about their home or need.   Different areas
require different services.

Clients must attend one of our Disaster Recovery Meeting before submitting an
application.  We require at least 2 meeting to get clients to understand what  we are
offering.  This program may not be for everyone and your need maybe referred to
another organization.  
Home Repair Program

Our Home Repair Program has many different funding areas:

Grant: if you are receiving a grant you do not have to pay it back depending on where
the grants funds are coming from.  In many cases you may not have to pay back but it
maybe a soft lien place against the property depending on the amount of the grant was

Loan: if you receive a loan it  will have to be paid back once the home is completed.  
Many of our lenders require you to have some form of Income available.  

Reverse Mortgage: If you are using Reverse Mortgage to assist you with the repairs on
your home.  You must seek a Housing Counseling organization that is Certificated by
HUD as a Reverse Mortgage Counselor.  Please visit HUD.gov to find a Reverse
Mortgage near you.  There are many companies out there that say they can help you
please be aware of who you are signing paperwork.  Visit the HUD.gov website before
signing any documents.  

Veterans Funding/Grants:
If you are a Veterans and is seeking grants please fill out the application and we will
refer your application to the Veterans Land Bank and other Veteran services for

Note: if you sign up with Home Sweet Home Community Redevelopment Corporation
your information will be place into our Long-term recovery System and other Certificate
Organization maybe able to review your information.  No Social Security number are
place in this system.  
Basic Eligibility:

* Affected by Hurricane IKE or Harvey
* Have rights to long-term residence of damaged property.
*You must bring receipts of purchasing that your Homeowners Insurance,
FEMA or Flood Insurance has given you to repair the home.  If you have not
use it.  Please bring a copy of your bank statement show the amount in your

Target Residents Zip Codes:
77051, 77047, 77048, 77046, 77061, 77087, 77020, 77004, 77021, 77033, 77089,
77079, 77504, 77036, 77581, 77584, 77588, 77545, 77013, 77014, 77015, 77016,
77026, 77029, 77078, 77093, 77050, 77039, 77078 77017, 77587, 77502, 77504,

* Upon completion of the home, you must willing and able to purchase/maintain
Home Owner's and Flooding  Insurance (if non-flooding Hurricane damages)
you will still be required to purchase Flood Insurance.

* Complete the Application Completely.  Please turn in all items that we have
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Home Address:
Zip Code:
Yes, received an award for Home Repairs (FEMA or another Grant)
Yes, received and award for Rental Assistance
Yes, received a Denial Letter
No, I have not yet received a notification of award
Do you plan to Appeal?
I have already started the process to Appeal?